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One Month

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One Month offers online classes to learn new skills. Unlike other e-learning options that can be dry, impersonal, or complicated, One Month aims to make learning fun and engaging through easy-to-follow video lessons. By highlighting the unique personality of the teachers for each course, One Month is also not afraid to stand out.

One Month
One Month

Under After (with Ed Nacional) were hired to work on the company’s rebranding in early 2014. One Month already had a successful course, One Month Rails, but they wanted an overall refresh and to craft a strategy for launching new courses that felt like they belonged together visually. They also wanted to “up” their presentation to match the content.

One Month logos

“We want to be ‘fucking awesome’ without feeling childish or pretentious.”
We worked with the One Month team to strike this balance, emphasizing the character of individual courses while exploring how the name “One Month” could be treated as a standalone parent brand and as part of all the course names.

One MonthOne Month

The result pairs an iconic logo lockup with bold copy and playful images. The One Month logotype with custom letterforms also takes on more character when used alone.

One MonthOne MonthOne MonthOne MonthOne MonthOne MonthOne Month

Mark and Ed were such a pleasure to work with! We came to them with the difficult challenge of communicating that at One Month ‘learning is fun.’ We didn’t want to come across as quirky, but we also didn’t want it to feel dry. They really went above and beyond rebranding our umbrella company, as well as our separate entities like One Month HTML and Install Rails. They provided us with a complete style guide including: logo, colors, t-shirt designs, and some pretty damn great headlines that we still use today.   

One MonthOne MonthOne MonthOne MonthOne Month

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